Selected Publications

Kampjut D, Steiner J, Sazanov LA.
Cryo-EM grid optimization for membrane proteins.
iScience (2021), 24(3), 102139.

Obr M, Ricana CL, Nikulin N, Feathers JR, Klanschnig M, Thader A, Johnson MC, Vogt VM, Schur FKM#, Dick RA#
Structure of the mature Rous sarcoma virus lattice reveals a role for IP6 in the formation of the capsid hexamer
BioRxiv (2020),

Fäßler F, Dimchev G, Hodirnau VV, Wan W, Schur FKM
Cryo-electron tomography structure of Arp2/3 complex in cells reveals new insights into the branch junction
Nature Communications (2020) 11, 6437,

J. Steiner, L.A. Sazanov
Structure and mechanism of the Mrp complex, an ancient cation/proton antiporter
ELife 9 (2020).

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Cryo-EM structure of the entire mammalian F-type ATP synthase.
Nature Structural and Molecular Biology (2020), 27(11), 1077–1085

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3D printed cell culture grid holders for improved cellular specimen preparation in cryo-electron microscopy
Journal of Structural Biology (2020), 212, 107633,

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The coupling mechanism of mammalian respiratory complex I.
Science (2020), 370(6516), eabc4209.

Dick RA*#, Xu C, Morado DR, Kravchuk V, Ricana CL, Lyddon TD, Broad AM, Feathers JR, Johnson MC, Vogt VM, Perilla JR, Briggs JAG, Schur FKM*#
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PLOS Pathogens (2020), 16, e1008277, doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1008277

Letts JA, Fiedorczuk K, Degliesposti G, Skehel M, Sazanov LA.
Structures of respiratory supercomplex I+III2 reveal functional and conformational crosstalk.
Molecular Cell (2019), 75(6), 1131–1146.e6.

Kampjut D, Sazanov LA.
Structure and mechanism of mitochondrial proton-translocating transhydrogenase.
Nature (2019), 573(7773), 291–295.  View

Zhou L, Sazanov LA.
Structure and conformational plasticity of the intact Thermus thermophilus V/A-type ATPase.
Science (2019), 365(6455), eaaw9144.  View

Schur FKM
Toward high-resolution in situ structural biology with cryo-electron tomography and subtomogram averaging
Current Opinion in Structural Biology (2019), 58, 1-9, doi: 10.1016/

Obr M, Schur FKM
Structural Analysis of pleomorphic and asymmetric viruses using cryo-electron tomography and subtomogram averaging
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Inositol phosphates are assembly co-factors for HIV-1.
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Structure of a transcribing RNA polymerase II-DSIF complex reveals a multidentate DNA-RNA clamp.
Nature Structural and Molecular Biology (2017). 24(10), 809–815. 

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