The IST Austria cryo-EM facility is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, including

  • a 300 kV Thermo Scientific Titan Krios TEM (post-GIF Gatan K3, Falcon 3, Volta phase plate)
  • a 200 kV Thermo Scientific Glacios TEM (Falcon 3, Volta phase plate)
  • a Thermo Scientific Aquilos cryo-FIBSEM
  • a Leica cryo-CLEM setup
  • Vitrobot Mark IV
  • Leica GP2

Click HERE for more details on the complete EM-facility @ IST Austria

Scientific Computing for efficient image processing can be performed on the IST Austria High-Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster

  • 110 compute nodes and 19 GPU nodes (with at least 4 GPUs, up to 10 GPUs) running Debian Linux
  • large memory nodes with >256GB RAM, largest node at the moment 2TB RAM
  • Job scheduling system: SLURM
  • cluster storage with a total capacity of 1.2PB

IST Austria/Poncioni